Rehab at Lincoln Park Manor Gave Me My Life Back


We hear this from patients every day around here at Lincoln Park Manor.
Getting back to your life means fishing with the grandkids, baking tasty treats in the kitchen, or just simply enjoying life’s routine and all the rewards that come with it.

When injuries happen (and they do, unfortunately), you can count on our rehabilitation specialists to help you or your loved one get moving again as pain-free as possible.

For over two decades, we’ve helped Miami Valley residents recover from knee and hip replacements, fractures and joint damage, and even debilitating illnesses.

Because the human body is so complex, rehabilitation that works has to be complex, too. But from our patients’ perspectives, the Rehab process is simple!

If you have a hospital social worker, let them know that you choose Lincoln Park Manor for you or your loved one’s rehabilitation.

Then our Admissions Director, Ann Wittoesch, begins the approval process.

Once you’re approved for admission, an arrival time is scheduled, transportation is arranged, and a personalized rehabilitation plan is created to ensure that every symptom and its corresponding cause is treated properly.

The road to recovery is that easy. As we age, time becomes even more precious. That’s why we are dedicated to sending every patient home as soon as possible.

That means you’re back on the golf course… back in church… back with the grandkids baking sugar cookies… As soon as you possibly can.

If you or a loved one needs rehabilitation to feel like themselves again, call 937-297-4300 and we’ll see how we can help.

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