Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation For Hip Replacement


Recovering from a lower extremity orthopedic condition like a hip replacement can be challenging due to the impacts relating to pain, mobility, self-care and wound management. The keys to minimizing the patient length of stay and to ensure a successful home return, are to make sure that you choose a Skilled Nursing / Rehabilitation Center that demonstrates its commitment and ability to providing customized care, specifically focused on the needs of a lower extremity condition.

Questions to ask a Skilled Nursing / Rehabilitation Community:

  • What is your care plan for a hip replacement?
  • How do you prepare a patient to leave the Rehabilitation setting and effectively treat their hip once released?
  • What is your average length of stay for a hip replacement?

Important things to know about Rehabilitation length-of-stay

Deciding how long a patient should stay in a Skilled Nursing/Rehabilitation Center should not be subjective. At Lincoln Park Manor, we follow a prescriptive care pathway to assure patients follow an aggressive, yet safe, recovery plan and our nursing and therapy teams work collaboratively to provide customized care for each patient.

Lincoln Park Manor has a proven and sustained history in helping patients recover and return home, as soon as possible. When compared to other Skilled Nursing Communities in the area, we return patients to their prior living setting 4-6 days faster. When compared to state and local Dayton-area averages, we have lower return to hospital rates.

When looking for individualized and proven orthopedic surgery aftercare, look to Lincoln Park Manor. Call 937-297-4300 to learn more about our admission process and industry-leading nursing and therapy services.

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